Photo of Jay Holley

Hello there.

This is the home page of Jay Holley.

I live in Lawrence, Kansas, with my wife and two cats. I’m an architect with Gould Evans, and an occasional architectural studio instructor at the University of Kansas. I'm currently helping the amazing crew at The Rabbit Hole design their new Explor-a-Storium in North Kansas City.

I have a zeal for both the built world and the written word. You can find a few of my humor pieces floating around the web on sites like McSweeney’s, and I design, edit, and publish a tiny magazine of fiction and comic miscellany called Johnny America with a few of my best friends. Some buddies have weekend garage bands — we publish a ’zine.

I'm a member of the Lawrence Central Rotary Club, a board member of Studio 804, Inc., and I serve on the Lawrence Community Development Advisory Committee.

My e-mail address is jjh (at) jayholley (dot) com.